The Better Planet Project

As a nation, we’ve never been more aware of the impact we’re having on our environment. The planet is warming at a rate we have never experienced in our lifetimes and it is time to take action. We are proud to share with you the initiatives developed by one of our brands, Better You, to help revolutionise their impact on the environment.

Better You have conducted extensive research from source to finished product to determine the most efficient and environmentally friendly packaging available. Impressively half their product range is now packaged in recycled plastic collected from the Jakarta and Java Seas by a fishing community that is paid by Better You for all the plastic they collect. This initiative reduces the amount of plastic waste in the ocean and reuses a waste source.

Yet more of their product range will use plastic from a plant-based source, derived from ethanol pressed from sugarcane plants. This process is much less energy-intensive than traditional plastic production and the vast sugarcane plantations actually remove large quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere during their growing cycle.

Better You ensures us that their packaging is 100% recyclable. We are pleased to share with you their impressive aim to become a carbon-neutral organisation by the end of 2022 or sooner. Well done Better You!

At Pastures New it is very important to us to stock eco-conscious brands who are passionate about reducing the problems our environment is facing. Viridian is another brand chosen by us for it’s ethical actions in being completely palm oil free. Better You is closely following in their footsteps hoping to achieve their goal of becoming 100% palm oil and palm oil derivative free across their entire range by May 2020.

Visit to find out more about Better You’s commitment to the environment.