Eco-friendly Refill Station

As mainstream concerns about environmental issues have become increasingly prevalent we have noticed our customers daily shopping habits have changed. At Pastures New we have adapted to change with them by now offering refills on a selection of popular household green cleaning products, eco-friendly hair and body care products. Consideration of our own health and what we put on our skin as well as increased awareness of climate change and it’s effect on the health of our precious planet has begun to resonate with more of the population therefore the desire to cut back on plastic and chemical laden products is currently very strong.

If you share this concern and would like to reduce single use plastic then you can bring your own bottle to be refilled with one of our tried and trusted home cleaning eco-brands, Ecoleaf and Bio D. We currently have washing up liquid, laundry liquid and toilet cleaner available from these brands. All our products are Vegan and cruelty-free of course, including all your toiletry refills too. Faith in Nature and Ecoleaf supply our bulk sized hand soaps, body washes, shampoos and conditioners plus Vogel provides our very popular Salt of the Earth natural spray deodorant refill. Simply bring your empty bottle back to us and we’ll be thrilled to fill it back up for you. You won’t have to compromise on either quality or price as your refill will be cheaper than a brand new bottle from the shelf, ensuring that making the move to more natural cleaning products that are safer for you and your family won’t cost the Earth or your pocket. Perhaps you would like to try a sample of our lovely products before you switch? We would be happy to help you and are confident you won’t look back once you embrace the opportunity to really make a difference to your own and the wider environment.