January is often a popular time for people to think about a detox to cleanse the body having eaten, drunk and been merry over the festive period. Thankfully there are all kinds of great detox programmes on the market to help. These might include herbal supplements, drinks or teas and the health benefits include weight management, cleansed liver, resting and hydrating your gut, improved skin condition, energy and immune system.

At Pastures New we have stocked up on Viridian’s 7 Day Sugar Detox Kit – perfect for anyone who feels like they have over indulged recently and want to transform their health. Quitting sugar can do this by reducing sweet cravings, body weight, improving blood glucose balance and overall well-being. This 7 Day Sugar Detox helps eliminate added sugars from your diet for better health and vitality.

For just £1 a day, take the special Viridian supplement and follow the healthy recipe ideas in the 7 day meal plan created by the Super-food celebrity chef, Oliver McCabe, exclusively for the Viridian 7 Day Sugar Detox. It provides recipes for tasty, energy boosting meals every day guaranteed to make you feel great. You can find all the recipes online and download the free app for extra support and motivation.

Alternatively choose a cleansing herb to take alongside your New Year healthy diet and exercise regime. Milk thistle, nettle or dandelion, or Ayurvedic spices such as fennel, aniseed and licorice, aimed at cleansing the liver, encouraging healthy circulation and helping to manage fluid retention.

Don’t forget the simple steps you can take like keeping well hydrated to flush those toxins out of your system. Many people are under-hydrated and can mistake hunger for the simple need to have a drink. Remember to quench your thirst with water or herbal tea rather than caffeinated or carbonated sugary drinks. Research has also shown that fibre intake is vital for maintaining healthy weight. It helps to bulk up the diet making you feel fuller and can ease constipation. Use linseeds or psyllium, bran or wholegrain foods. A probiotic can help restore digestive balance.

So whether it is a quick post-Christmas slim and detox, or a lifestyle change, there are some great natural products to help kick start your new year health regime.